Good Dog / Three Days

Today’s my last day in Bethlehem. Tomorrow, this guy and I head to Kneehigh so I can fill my best friend tank before I go, then it’s dinner with Mark’s family. Saturday, he and I are putting finishing touches on the car and taking a trip to REI. Sunday I leave for D.C.

I’ve been thinking about this weekend for a long time. I’m ready to go: prepared and feeling positive. But today the dog and I stayed in bed until 11 because I’m still sad as hell.


Dogs are the best. I wonder if he’ll recognize me on Skype.


One thought on “Good Dog / Three Days

  1. Hope you get filled to the brim with Emma, Mark, his family and Nelson. Such a sweet sweet photograph. Yes, dogs are the best.

    And have a good time in DC and on all your other special pit stops.

    You are creating a great adventure but to do so you have to leave another and very special life behind.

    Love you. ❤

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