Postcard from Arkansas

In yoga teacher training—we’re closing out week three of four—we’ve been talking about how the will won’t ever be enough alone. Matt asks: “Have you ever noticed how even in your best efforts, you can’t live up to your highest ideals?” I had a lot of ideas about what and how much I’d be doing by now that I haven’t. That’s sort of the long way of saying I’m sorry for not writing.

Here’s the short version: Thanks to Tennessee, I know I want land and to grow my own food. Thanks to Arkansas, I know I want to know more about yoga and that I’d like to teach. Thanks to the road time in between, I know that I’m actually the kind of person I’ve always admired. I want to keep going.

Plans for the second half of the year are shifting a little. I’m still not sure about how much or when, and it’s that liminal space that makes me squirm—that damn Unknown. Still, where I used to freak about making the right decision, I think I get it now that they’re all right. They just go different places.

There’s a limit to striving. At a certain point it isn’t up to me and what a relief.

2 thoughts on “Postcard from Arkansas

  1. Sooooo great. Do you want to hear synchronicity?!

    Eva and I were hanging out in the kitchen Thursday night and the conversation had segued into the topic of yoga teacher training, which Eva has taken and one day hopes to put into practice. So of course I started telling her the latest about your great journey. And then, as if on cue! your new post appeared in my mail! I promptly picked up my phone with great anticipation, and read it out loud so Eva could hear it.

    As usual you don’t disappoint! 🙂 Such lovely words of wisdom Zoe. Short but so powerful.

    This especially was thrilling to read: > I know that I’m actually the kind of person I’ve always admired. I want to keep going. >

    And “They’re all right.” And “what a relief.”

    You’re amazing. I am so proud to be your aunt.


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