Seven years ago, my aunt and uncle bought thirty-four acres of land in West Virginia (that’s me in their carport in the photo above, circa 2015). On my first visit to their budding homestead, my insides went completely still. I’d never felt that before.

I knew that in it was something important, so I started scheming. I’ve been dreaming about traveling through WWOOF USA—an organization that connects organic farmers with volunteers—ever since.

First I spent a few years in Manhattan finishing school and then working as a magazine editor. In 2014, I moved to eastern Pennsylvania. There in the fields at my best friend’s farm was that same quiet feeling.

I’m off to learn more about it. The plan is to spend month-long stints on several farms as I make my way across the country from Pennsylvania to California. Currently I’m in Tennessee.

I write about yoga, farming, and mental health. The trip is a chance to study all three, plus photography while I’m at it. It’s a chance to learn more about sustainability and health and self-trust. It’s about growing food, but it’s also about practice and solitude and honest inquiry. I’m happy you’re here.